might perform tests on the seashells

vancouverite. wannabe swede.

canucks and video games and university and life and things.

i should make an about me page but meh

Lessons from camp:

-teenage girls that are into girls act the same as teenage girls that are into boys. super proud of my girls for not being homophobic and just gossiping about girls the same they would about boys

-teenagers also have a lot of drama and that’s okay

-small town folk might be overly religious but are still super friendly and helped us out in huge ways (from being ridiculously welcoming about 2600 girl guides coming and doubling their population and taking over their ballpark to coming out in droves to dry sleeping bags and clothing after the 14 hours of storms)

-i am too close in age to teenagers to have any authority

-i have no anxiety coping methods at camp because most are computer related

-firework phobia updated to sudden loud noise phobia after lightning strike on site set me off

yesssss more suits and psych added to netflix

i was going to catch up on tumblr but 9 days worth is too much and i’m too tired

so let me know if i missed any important memes

internet. so much internet to catch up on.

also sleep bc like camp. you don’t sleep as an adult especially not when LIGHTNING TRIES TO KILL YOU.

bye bye internet i will see you on the 26th

Vancouver Catholic schools adopt transgender policy, a Canadian first

yet again i have a ship from a show that no one watches that probably no one ships

did i mention i am so done with this degree?

i was right, downloading the kim k app was a bad idea


get on her level 💅

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