might perform tests on the seashells

vancouverite. wannabe swede.

canucks and video games and university and life and things.

i should make an about me page but meh

ice bucket challenge, tags are for people on facebook, don’t worry :3

i’m commander shepard and i wear purple armour

thank you game, i’ve always wanted to fight invisible enemies


i love all of my followers but like

if we’ve been in a mutual since glee fandom you’re my ride till i die forever ok i don’t even care man you are a true saint and a deity among mortals

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sidenote: not sure what to think of start of awakenings

i felt so good where i ended off origins (tho def reconsidering decisions after some of those end slides) and then awakenings is like ALL THAT HARD WORK HAH NOPE ALSO HERE’S YOUR LEAST FAVOURITE PARTY MEMBER RETURNING BUT NOT ALL THE GOOD ONES

actually mass effect 2 did that as well

goddamned bioware

the best part of playing video games is playing the ‘where do i know that voice from?’ game and getting overly excited when i figure it out

smhh you crayyyyy gurl
btw are we doing it at your place? and is your place still your place?????

yes we are still here surprisingly enough and i do still have a large backyard so yes

eta: what happened to the second part it disappeared

eyeballlickinggecko is coming too and then we were going to head dt for upasses and sitting in timmy’s on tumblr bc that’s what cool kids do


it’s gonna be hot this week it’s gonna feel niiiiiiice

says person who does enjoy the occasional polar bear swim

i am willing to help you. pls don’t tag me. neither my wallet nor my skin can take the challenge.

haha that works. i just don’t think i can handle asking my sister or mom for help because they’d make fun of me.

i’m about to be tagged for ice bucketing according to a friend

anything interesting i should do? anyone local want to help film (cough eyeballlickinggecko cough)

call it now to not get tagged :3